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Growing Goldings, twin cities area

River Falls, WI. I’m not happy with the flavor profile of my goldings. My cascade grows well and tastes good. Centennial and Horizon planted last year. I’m thinking about pulling the Goldings and planting Chinook or Columbus. What’s your experience with Goldings in this area ? What other varieties grow well in the great white north ? thanks

I just planted Goldings last year, but didn’t get any cones from it, as it went in the ground on July 4th.

I’ve had good luck with Cascade, Centennial, Zeus, Sterling, and Willamette. I planted a chinook last year that gave me 3.25 oz dry, so that’s promising too.

If you’re just adding one variety, go for Zeus (aka Columbus). It will yield an amazing load of funky goodness. In its first year, my plant gave me 17.25 oz dry! Last year I got over 3 lb from that bugger (3rd year plant now). I’d like to know how your Horizon works out for you.


I’m approaching year 3 on my goldings (I live in Maine) and I have yet to have a harvest from it. I read somewhere to let your plants go a minimum of 3 years before you decide to pull it, as sometimes it can take that long to reach a productive state…I figure I will give mine this one more year, and if nothing, I’m yanking them in favor of something that rewards me for taking good care of it :smiley:

in Oregon, my goldings grew about 4-5 feet their first year. theyre defiantly slow growers around these parts

NE Iowa - My goldings are about 3-4 years old. Vines grow about 12 feet or so. Some cones, but small, and I have never harvested or used them. Cascade and Centennial grow like champs for me.

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