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Grinding Specialty Grains

I recently picked up an extract kit at the NB store. I forgot to have them grind the 1lb. bag of specialty grain that came with the kit. What would be my best way to grind this small amount of grain at home?

I’ve seen others say they’ve had good luck with either a blender or coffee grinder, I’ve never tried. I have had to use a rolling pin once or twice, certainly not ideal but got the job done, just put the grains in a large zip lock bag or something first to avoid having a big mess.

  • 1 I used the roller and ziplock as well.

no personal experience but everyone says to throw it in a ziploc and crush it with a rolling pin.


Not sure if works the same with grains but I put coffee beans in a muslin bag and used a rubber mallet to crush them.

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