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Green Widow cleaning

Got the Green Widow hop spider and used it over the weekend. Just a porter, only 1.5 oz hops in the boil…

But jeeze, how the heck do you clean the effing thing???

It really helped with kettle debris, so I want to love it, but cleanup was just a nightmare.

I spray mine with hot water all around to try to get most if not all of the exterior/interior clean. Then I soak it in PBW to get the rest of the mesh clean. Rinse and air dry.

I just use paint strainer bags dump rinse and toss in the laundry.

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Let it dry out… Then bang it…

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Sounds dangerous :laughing:


and possibly even painful…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Before I use mine on brew day, I do take it outside and bang it against the wall… Not so hard you wreck it… You could take a scrub brush to it to… Again, being that it dry… it will clean up…

I’ve only used mine once but I used over 8 oz of hops. I just dumped the hops in the compost bin and sprayed off the basket. Looked clean to me.

I’ll “bang” it before next use. It’s just hops…

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