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Green tea pale ale ideas?

I brewed the extra pale ale extract kit and followed the instructions with one change. 1oz cascade at 60min, 1oz at 30 min instead of 2oz at 60min to reduce some of the bittering. I thought the addition of green tea may add some bitterness, so I scaled back the kit. Primed and bottled 3 gal as is, and put three bags of green tea in the last 2 gal in the bottling bucket and let it set for 35min. After tasting the last bit left after bottling, it has more green tea flavor than I expected. Next time I will make a tincture and scale up as needed.
Does anyone know if some of this flavor will fade as it conditions?
Should I add some honey at presentation to offset the flavor?
Any ideas?

Thanks in advance…Shayes

Update…After carbing in the bottle, this tastes pretty interesting. The green tea is not at all overwhelming, and mixes nicely with the cascade hop flavor. Not a “best I’ve ever brewed”, but very different from anything I’ve ever tried…and the little lady likes it too!!

Good to hear :slight_smile:

I’ve been thinking of making a early-grey pale, but down the list a bit at the moment.

I do recall reading that the tea flavour will fade a bit, but can’t remember now where I read it.

Update… This one is quickly becoming a crowd favorite. :shock: I think I will have to brew this one again as it is disappearing quickly. Should have done more of the batch with the green tea.
Even had one friend (who does not really drink craft beer) say this one was his favorite beer of mine yet. Who knew
:cheers: Prost!!!

This does sound interesting. Maybe even a Green Tea Honey American Wheat beer. But using the slightly minty Tazo Green tea.

I might have to try a Radler with carbonated green tea first though.

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