Green Monsta IPA Recipe?

I had this beer in Boston and it is an IPA monster. Does anyone know what the recipe is? I have looked online but can not seem to find anything. Thanks in advance.

dump in all the 2 row you have and all the hops you have, just kidding, i don;t have a clue

Sell Babe Ruth, lager 84 years? Sorry man, couldn’t resist. I’ve never heard of it, but I’ll bet it’s wicked awesome. Did you google it?

It is awsome. Check it out if you live near MA. I did google it and found one recipe but it was someones first attempt and more of a guess on the recipe. I guess I will try that recipe and see how it goes. Thanks anyway.

can you post the recipe so we can pick it apart :wink:

here is one i found even if they call it green monster:

plus on wachusettes brewery site it claims the following ingredients:

Caramel 40, Caramel 80, Bondlander Munich, Rye and American two-row malts as well as american yeast and Cascade, Amarillo and Centennial hops.

another recipe is:

Batch size: 5 gallons
OG: 1.057
IBU: 62.5
SRM: 8.2
mash: 154 for 60min
yeast: wyeast 1056

9lb Pale Malt (2 Row) US
2lb Rye Malt
4oz Munich Malt
4oz Caramel/Crystal Malt - 80L
4oz Caramel/Crystal Malt - 40L

1oz Centennial boil-60min
1oz Cascade boil-15min
1oz Amarillo boil-10min
1oz Amarillo boil-5min
1oz Amarillo dry hop
1oz Cascade dry hop

and the last is:

Batch Size 5.500 gal
Boil Time 60.000 min
Efficiency 70%
OG 1.065
ABV 6.4%
Mash Temp 154
Bitterness 59.8 IBU

Wyeast 1010

Munich Malt 4.000 lb
Pale Malt (2 Row) 7.000 lb
Rye Malt 2.000 lb
Rice Hulls 4.000 oz
Crystal Malt 80L 12.000 oz
Crystal Malt 40L 12.000 oz

Boil hops
Centennial 10.5% 1.000 oz Boil 60.000 min
Cascade 6% 1.000 oz Boil 30.000 min
Amarillo 9.5% 0.500 oz Boil 20.000 min
Centennial 10.5% 0.500 oz Boil 10.000 min
Cascade 6% 0.500 oz Boil 5.000 min
Dry hop
Amarillo 9.5% 0.500 oz Dry Hop 7.000 day
Cascade 6% 0.500 oz Dry Hop 7.000 day
Centennial 10.5% 0.500 ozDry Hop 7.000 day

sounds like all/most of the ingredients. maybe someone with more experience than me who is familiar with this awesome beer can develop the perfect clone.

No idea which one is more accurate, but I like 4 lbs of Munich better than 4 oz. I don’t think 4 oz will be very noticeable. Can’t go wrong with those hops.