Green Flash/Alpine in foreclosure

Hmmmm. Just read this today. Apparently they overextended when they built out an East Coast
Location. Comerica bank foreclosed.
They were a fine example of the West Coast IPA, and I always enjoyed them when GF IPA started showing up here about 5 yrs or so ago. Only had Alpine IPA a couple of times, and it was good

Competition is fierce and I wonder if the whole NEIPA thing is hurting some of these former “it” beers? Or maybe just bad business deals as the article implied.

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Palate wrecker was one of my faves.

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Hate to see this stuff. Sometimes expansion isn’t that great.

Wow that sucks! GF has some solid beers and Alpine Duet is one of my faves. I do a clone of that at least once a year and it’s fantastic.

I can’t see the NEIPA destroying the OG’s of the industry like that, sounds like bad business

After reading the article it sounds like they’re refocusing on where it all started.

Probably bad business decisions. The market is saturated the bubble will burst and going to see alot of this. Alot of Brewers are happy to just make a living very few are getting rich making beer. Breweries expanding out of their area is risky. Many craft Brew drinkers are into the whole buy local concept

I think I pull out of it… what Brew Cat eludes too, is the over reach and get rich scheme… They must have a good product to create that much enthusiasm… I think the environment doesn’t want many peeps to be happy just making a living… Sneezles61

The second news release sounds like a big business way of putting lipstick on a pig…
Here’s the first news bit link:

Again… There it is… enthusiastically over reached their ability to provide… They didn’t have a plan… Its not that they planned to fail… they just must of failed to plan…:disappointed: Sneezles61