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Great Northern Brewing's Double Hopped Golden Lager

Great Northern is out of Whitefish, MT. The beer is excellent, but not what I expected. I thought I was buying a very hop forward beer. Not so. After tasting the beer and visiting their web site, I find out that the beer only has 15 IBU’s. Not what I would consider as being double hopped. They used 80% Mittelfruh and 20% Czech Saaz. Like I said, it is an excellent beer. Lots of great sweet malty taste, but definitely not what I thought I was buying.

I am going to Seeley Lake, MT at the end of the month for the annual brew fest and hope to meet the brewers in person to inquire about the marketing of the beer. I will definitely buy it again, but I will not read the label before I take a swig.

Miller lite is triple hopped…

Three hop pellets? :stuck_out_tongue:

Three hop pellets? :stuck_out_tongue: [/quote]
per every 200 gallons! if it was cereal, it couldn’t even be generic Raisin Bran.

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