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Great Lakes Brewing, MONSTER IPA

Dear friends,

I am requesting any insight that anyone may wish to lend me on compiling a clone recipe for a beer called “Lake Erie monster IPA” from Great Lakes brewing, Cleveland Ohio.

What follows is a description of the beer directly from the company’s website which can be found at ... 202012.pdf ... ie-monster

Name Origin: A beer this distinctively hoppy inspires many a tall tale. And they don’t come taller than South Bay Bessie, the legendary monster that roams the shallow depths of Lake Erie.
Style Origin: Double India pale ales are a strong, very hoppy style of pale beer. Also known as Imperial IPAs, these beers are essentially India pale ales that are brewed with higher amounts
of malt and hops. While still relatively new, it is one of the fastest growing styles in the craft beer industry and a favorite among “hopheads”.
Flavor: Exploding with bold hop flavors Ingredients:
Harrington 2-Row Base Malt: Allows color and flavor from other specialty malts to come through; makes for very clean beer Caramel 30: Small amount contributes
to color and body
Simcoe: Unique, non-traditional bittering
hop contributes to aroma; provides high levels of bitterness with smoothness
Fuggle: Traditional English hop for flavor in English ales; contributes milder earthy and woody aromas and flavors; adds complexity
Pairs With: Steak, pork chops, aged cheese and dark chocolate

So, I am thinking

20.25 lbs 2 row
1 lb. briess # 30L

2 oz. Simcoe 13% AA @ 60 min.
2 oz. Fuggles 4.5% AA @ 15 min.

Yeast I am just guessing, but was leaning towards Wyeast American Ale yeast. Only because I have used that yeast for other IPA beers before. It tends to let the hops come through in the flavor

Thank you for your thoughts and input


No dry hop?

Hmm well I don’t know. It was not mentioned in the description. And by using the IBU calculator, I thought I had archived the required IBU that was called for.

Well I am not at all familiar with the beer you are trying to emulate, but if there is any real hop aroma and/or flavor, dry hopping is probably the way you are going to get it

For yeast, use Wy1028 London Ale, it’s Great Lakes standard ale yeast.


Hey, thanks Bklmt

That was something I did not know. That will be an immense help. Could I ask how you found that out?

I wrote to the brewery a while back. The P.R. department acknowledged my letter and forwarded my request, but alas, no info as of yet.

Again, thanks.

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