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Grassy Pine flavor and smell

Well I think this ma be an easy question: What ingredients, hops, malts, help bring out the pine and grassy scent/taste to a brew?

PIne is definitely hops. Grassy would be hops too, but from what I’ve read, it is usually due to the use of fresh (not dried) hops although I guess you could get it from large amounts of hops, especially leaf hops. Is the grassy aspect something you want in your beer? I’ve only read of it as a negative.

The grassy I meant was more aroma than true taste, to me it seems to come off the pine scent/taste. That may not make sense but hopefully it does. Any thoughts on the hops? I know the Chinook is labeled for this but any others?


The following four search engine phrases may be helpful:

  1. hop flavor wheel
  2. hop aroma wheel
  3. malt flavor wheel
  4. malt aroma wheel

These links:

in combination with the web browser’s built in search (for example: ctrl+f in Chrome on Windows 10) should get you a list of “piney” hops.

Whatever hops deschutes uses in their pinedrop ipa :slight_smile:

What beer are you talking about that the grassy comes off as piney?

Often, using a lot of low AA% hops results in a grassy aroma. Never heard it being described as piney though.

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