Grandfathered in as customers at North Country Malt

For those of you home brewers who have been Grandfathered in as customers at North Country Malt, have you seen a price increase for your orders? If so, what price increases have you incurred?

No increases specific to homebrewers - we order from the same catalog as breweries. But NCM may be offering further discounts to commercial customers that we don’t see.

I’m surprised to hear they sell to homebrewers, Great Western will not sell to anyone without a resale license.

If you have bought from them in the past they will still sell to you is my understanding.

I think now you can only buy full sacks where as before you could just get a few lbs of any grains.

why would they only sell to someone with thresell license?

does it have to do with nay laws, or just money and volume orders?

I believe that they bought some brewshops, and see a conflict of interest in selling retail from the malt distributorships.

They bought Brewcraft, which distributes to homebrew shops. I’m glad they grandfathered people, as their Illinois warehouse is 15 minutes from my house.