Grand Rapids Beer Trade

I’m headed to Grand Rapids Michigan this up coming week. Im looking to do some beer trading for some Surly stuff and some of the other local stuff I’ve got here in Minneapolis MN. Also, are thrre any bottle shops I should stop at?

This is my favorite bottle shop in GR

Brewerys that I Love to go to.


and of course founders.

If you are feel like traveling alittle out of your way go to

All of these places have amazing food.

Thank you. Ill check them out.

If you are talking about beer shops, try They are on the west side of town (almost the edge) and have a pretty good selection of bevies. Beers, wines, cigars and tobaccos. They also have a significant homebrew section…in fact they aquired the business next door and knocked out the wall and that became their brew supply side.

I’m G.R. several times a year for family visits and I usually buy grains and such from them. It’s cheaper than what I can get over here in the Chicago area. I’m sure others have seen better but it’s worth checking out if you are close by. I never found a better stocked shop in the area when I lived there.

If you like New Holland, Bells, or Arcadia beers they are all within an hour or so of G.R. Check there websites.

There used to be a bar called TAPS downtown near the VanAndel Arena. They had an obscene number of beers on tap. Not sure if it’s still there.

Good luck.

I was in SW Michigan for Thanksgiving recently and spent some time in GR. Founders was good. Beer was decent, food was really good. Vivant is a really neat location, but their Belgians couldn’t hold a candle to those at Russian River in Santa Rosa. I really liked Hopcat. Lots and lots of local beers and great food.

I was born and raised in G.R. thanks for the info. I was planning on stopping by the several brewerys when I was there.