Grains stayed in for full 90 min boil

You read right. I brewed a Chinook IPA and failed to remove grain bag after mashing them at 152 F for 60 min. Yes I know it was dumb and the beer is probably gonna taste like Ca-Ca. I was going to dump the whole thing but said the hell with it and pitched once wort was cool enough. Any predictions on this one? Go…

It is possible a small amount of tannins were extracted from the grain husks.

So I forgot to get back with results of this 5gal batch. I was disgusted intially that I had forgotten to pull the grain bag out of the wort after the boil. I was pretty lit since I was drinking lots of homebrew
and doing a BBQ and brewing at the same time. Once I noticed the error I decided I was done for the day and left the wort outside in the kettle overnight. I woke up the next morning thinking I was just going to dump the whole thing but I noticed the wort was cool and did a temp reading . It was 74 degrees F. I already had a Bry97 yeast starter so I went ahead and racked it into the ale pail and pitched.
Fermentation took off in like 6 hrs. I let it go for a month in the primary I did not bother with a gravity readings. After a month I kegged it and put it on gas in the fridge at around 36F
The final product is a nice IPA with the only flaw of being very, very hazy. It drinks fine though and I can not discern any tannin taste through all the hop bitterness. Not the best brew I ever did but Im glad I did not pitch it out. 45 dollars is 45 dollars.

Beer can be very forgiving at times.