Grain Particle in boil

I been getting a lot of grain particles in my boil . I guess its coming from the mash tun to the brew kettle. Is there a more affective way to stop this. I usually recycle about 10 min before going to the brew pot. Im using stainless braided hose. Will these particle give a bad taste in the long run or will it settle to the bottom?

after I vorlof, I fill though a double mesh strainer to catch any last particles that have gotten though my false bottom.

Try experimenting with the valve on your mash tun. I found that opening it about half way will compact the grain bed better. Not sure what type of MT you use but most all have a valve. If you get good compcation you should get clearer runoff.

+1 to this! It only takes a little longer to draw it out (batch sparging) and the clarity improves greatly. Plus you risk less tannin issues.