Grain order. August

Me getting ready to put a new grain order together. For august. Me deciding biscuit malt. Or. Melanoidin malt. Both give sort of bread taste. And do well on head retention. But never used. Melanoidin. Malt before. Or just order both. Each bag 50 lbs. Help me explian and make a choice

I use Melanoidin for head retention and body. It also adds a cool red color to the brew.


What he said^^. I use it with Hefeweizen for increased oomph/ body and a little color(pale orange with hefe).

I haven’t used biscuit in a long time as I got tired of it. Here’s and interesting read on Melanoidin vs Honey Malt

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I just tried Victory malt from Briess, its a biscuit type malt… Has a good flavor in the Irish red… Sneezles61

50lbs of melanoidin malt? That’s quite a bit.

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Will last a while. Do live on a island. Me can not go to a local brew store or order fast from our host

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I agree with @loopie_beer , all of these mentioned are specialty malts and 4 ounces is sometimes a typical amount for 5 gallons, even if you’re brewing a lot , tough to keep that from staling eventually. Do you still brew with/ for that guy with the restaurant/ brewery on Bonaire? Maybe you can split it with him?

No i dont brew with him haha did ask for more cash. He did not want. Before cash under the tabble. Now he wants. To make it official. This means come into a higher tax bracket. 2 income. Have to pay more income tax. So i know what you mean. About the grains. Been thinking about this. Been looking at europe to buy grains. Still transport to long. Bsg grains. Still the way to go. Northcarolina. Miami. Curacau. Bonaire. Down fall of living on a tropical island. On the end takes about 3 weeks to get grains here. Brewing wise. Do every. 8 days. A 10 gal batch. I know its lots of grains. But at least i dont run out. Me looking at pet vaults. As well. They are 10 lbs. Food containers