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Graff... anyone got a good recipe to start out with?

My father just got into making cider. Has his first batch bubbling away as I type this. I’d like to not have to wait to enjoy something similar and fell upon the secrets of Graff via the internet.

I’ve done a search and know there is some threads on here about it, but just wondered if anyone has an update on what recipe would be good for someone who’s never made cider before? I know it’s like 1 part beer recipe/dme to 4 parts apple juice. I’ll probably just be making it with cheap AJ from the grocery with some Brown Sugar added etc.

Show me the way!

there will be a brewing tv episode on it sept 21.
i haven’t heard of it before their current cider eisode.

Haven’t made a graff, but did a little research on the style a while back. IIRC, you want a good beer backbone with a fair amount of crystal to counter the complete fermentation of the cider sugars and maybe 25-40% apple cider added to the fermenter, not to the boil. Think I would go with something on the darker side for some color and for flavor complementary to the apples. IBUs sub-20 and not too aggressive, so maybe use Magnum, or perhaps Glacier would be good with it’s extremely low cohumulone and lower alpha so easier to get a low IBU with it.

Thanks for the reply. I may try this with the 2 or 3 pounds of LME I have left just to use it. I do have Crystal 60.

I’m seeing a gallon of slightly hopped beer (which specialty grains) added to 4 Gallons of Apple Juice and let her roll.
Here’s a link to a Homebrewtalk thread stretching back a couple years… 171 page long thread. Almost seems if this guy is the one who came up with it? I don’t know. ... er-117117/
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