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Governor regulator readings


Another first time kegger here. I just did my set up tonight. I bought a 10 pound tank and it was supposed to be full, I’m wondering what the high pressure gauge should read if it’s a full tank. I just put it in the fridge at 45 and it’s reading 700 PSI. I would have thought it would be higher than that.

I sure wish there would have been a manual in the box, I’m still trying to figure out if I set the damn thing up right :slight_smile:

May have been but once cooled inside the fridge the gas inside compresses and the gauge will show a lower reading. Doesn’t mean you have less gas in the tank.

OK, cool…I will see how it goes. Thanks!

I have another question if you don’t mind. I think I have it set to 20 psi to force carb for two days and then I will move it to 10 or so and here is what I did.

I turned all the gas off…used the purge valve on the regulator so there was no pressure showing. I then turned the adjustment knob all the way to the left (-). I then turned all the gas on and turned the knob to the right until the psi was 20. Sound right?

Your good

Sounds like you are getting it. Yes the high pressure gauge will read low if it is cold. A couple of ideas for the future. It is OK to force carb with higher pressure to get it done faster but “set it and forget it” works best for a lot of us. Set the regulator at about 12lbs and leave it for a couple of weeks. A second set up is handy for that though. A spare tank is must have for me. The tend to run out at the worst possible moment like when the CO2 place is closed and you have a house full of thirsty people.

Thanks everyone…

I checked it this morning and it was only 15 psi, so I turned the knob til it was 20 again. Guess it’s sucking up the gas :slight_smile:

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