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Gotta love 3068

My fermometer on the side of the conical reads 64° and the Wyeast 3068 Weihenstephan Weizen
did it again. Blew out the top and made a mess. It is bulging out the top and blowing through the air lock on a 6.5 gal bucket also. The other bucket was a little shy of five gallons so that one is OK.

Always a violent fermentation with that stuff. Did have about two gallons of starter though.

One of, if not my favorite yeast. I’ve tried to go down to 62* to avoid similar episodes. Lotta clove at that temp.

Would have been higher but it was cool here last night. Just and a/c on the conical, buckets in swamp coolers.

I like the banana and clove so no problem here. I have fermented it in the 70’s and it’s a little too much. Never threw any out though. :grinning:

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Wish I would have had some 3068. Bottled the Hefeweizen fermented with WB-06. Definitely not a 3068 Hefeweizen.

I agree. The last hefe I did was with the WB yeast. It was good but just not the same. Still there is the convenience of dry yeast.

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