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Got WY1728 by mistake

I went to the brew shop about a week ago and got some supplies and a wyeast smackpack to do a ESB. I didn’t check the yeast until yesterday when I got ready to do the starter. The brew shop made a mistake and gave me a different yeast than I asked for. So it’s to late and I live to far from any brew shops so I’m committed to this weekend brew. Anyone have any experience with Wyeast 1728? It is the Scottish Ale and the description looks to be clean and neutral with 69- 77% AA. It looks like it would work in a ESB, I hope so it’s in a starter on the stir plate now. I’ll be sure to check next time I buy yeast. :oops:

You’ll be fine.

will be different than the english ale yeast - less estery. although it might be better. It will work for an ESB

good luck!

It will turn out great.

Great news, I was lucky it wasn’t anything totally off the mark. I ferment on the cool side to keep esters down so this yeast should work. It has a 55*-75* temp range, pretty wide range. This might turn out better than expected. Thanks for the help.

I can also vouch for 1728 being a nice yeast to work with. I don’t find it imparts any off flavors and it can handle the higher gravity beers well.

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