Got hydrometer 2 weeks into brewing

Was able to get a hydrometer and was wondering if there is any use for it 2 weeks into brewing, or have I missed the boat since I did not take an original reading? I am dry hopping Chinook ipa today and the plan is to bottle a week from today. Thanks for the help!

If you brewed an extract beer and hit the volumes in the recipe then your OG will be what the recipe predicts, or close enough it won’t matter.

You got the hydrometer just in time. You can now use it to determine when fermentation is complete. Read Palmer’s online version of How to Brew and be sure to sanitize everything that touches your beer from here on out.

Have fun!

This is when the fun begins… now you take yer reading THEN you get to sample yer brew…. And just because it doesn’t taste like you expect it, you get to be part of it “aging” into a good brew! Sneezles61

Thanks for the responses guys! Beer smells great and reading seems to be right on point. 1 more week until I bottle.

Looks like you are at about 1.012. That is in the range of being done. If the sample stays the same for a few days it has finished or is stuck but for most beers anything in the 1.010 area is about it.

It is best to drink or toss the small amount of beer in the sample rather than pour it back. There is a slight risk of infection from returning it so most of us do not.

Now you will find yourself taking gravity readings at the beginning of fermentation, the end and sometimes in between. Your hydrometer is a must have brew toy. They are fragile though so a back up isn’t a bad idea.

You may also want to “zero” your new hydrometer to test it’s accuracy. Just use 60° distilled water and it should read 1.000. If it is off add or subtract the difference. Most will be good though.

I know the kit reccomends a week dry hop. With only 1 oz of hops added what is a good amount of time to leave it in before bottling? Beer seems to be staying at 1.020, think it’s all done. Don’t want to rush it but wouldn’t mind having a few to pass around for the family come Christmas. As always, thanks for the help, this is a very great community.

I typically dry hop for 5-7 days. As long as you have a good amount of surface area this should be fine.

If you can cold crash it after dry hopping do so as it will facilitate any hop debris to settle out.

If your bottling I seriously doubt that it will be ready in a few days. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. But 2 weeks bottle conditioning is a minimum. Why try to rush now after you put so much time and effort into this beer.

Better idea- buy some good craft beer with recappable bottles. Drink those this Christmas and New Years. Then you’ll start growing your bottle collection for additional batches.

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Just what Loopie sez…^^^^^^^^ Sneezles61

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