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Got Freezer! Now What Next!

Just picked a freezer off of craigslist for $50. That was the first thing on my list to get into kegging. I know from the forum about what I will need, but wanted to see if there was anything else I should consider. I know I need: temp control, kegs, lines, CO2, regulator, splitter, taps, and I’m sure a few other misc things. Thanks for your help!

you’ll want to add;
clamps to secure hoses
gas (gray) and beer (black) fittings for kegs (input/output)
some material for a collar, assuming you’re not planning on drilling thru the sides for the shanks, plus the appropriate bits-n-bobs for construction
keg o-ring replacement kit or individual o-rings


Temp controller was the first thing I bought after I got my freezer. No good having frozen beer.

Don’t forget the beer!

Seriously though, you already need more kegs. No matter how many you have or are planning on getting, you always need more…

Welcome to a new obsession.

So…just poured my first forced carbed beer in my new keezer. It was awesome! SO MUCH EASIER! LOL. I understand why more kegs are required now. Looking foreward to more kegged brews to come. Thanks for the help! BTW I forced carbed 2 kegs in 48 hours by using someone’s suggestion of 40PSI for first 24hrs and 20PSI for second at about 36 Degrees. It worked perfect.

If you are doing multiple kegs I would recommend a co2 distributor with check valves instead of a simple splitter.

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