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Good yeast

I have a batch in the fermentor now that has been bubbling pretty good fo 8 days now. I’m kind of surprised since the beer started OG .034 day 2 I threw in 1lb of DME got to .04 maybe . I must be getting a good fermentation rate so I was thinking that this may be a good batch of yeast to try to harvest. I’ve never tried before but this yeast must like my water. It’s us-05. Any thoughts?

SA-05 is a good yeast. A liquid equivalent is WY1056. For most beers hold the wort at 65° or a bit higher to avoid a peachy flavor.
Did you add he DME dry or as a boiled wort?

Boiled and cooled. Poured in through a funnel. Best I can do is around 63

It is possible you may not notice any difference in the beer you are brewing.

I brewed a dry Irish stout with WY 1056. This was before I heard about the minimum temperature. Noticed an undertone of off flavor and less than dry mouth feel. Not terrrible just not the same results as with WY1084.

I cold brewed some ground coffee to add to each glass. Peach flavor gone. Head also disappears because of the oils in the coffee, but the brew is enjoyable.

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