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Good One

I picked up a Good One “Open Range” smoker a few months ago and have basically been relearning how to grill/smoke. Today I finally feel like I got the hang of temp control for a long cook (I’ve only tried twice previously) and am stoked to have gotten over 7 hours (maybe more) without refueling. Previously it was burning very unevenly and I had pretty unstable temps.

Two Boston butts are resting and will soon be pulled for Saison tasting night!

I’ve had an open range for 7 years. Awesome cooker. Keep at it, I can get a 10-15hr. burn depending on the temp. I cook at. On Ace of Hearts web site, there is some good reading on how to dial in the temperatures as well as cleaning and reconditioning. You can also get replacement parts and Good One accessories at Smoke and Fire in Olathe…BBQ and Beer, a match made in heaven.

smoke on man!!


The problem I was having on longer cooks was that the left side of the firebox would burn like crazy, but the right side would barely burn at all. I realized the reason for this when I was smoking pork shoulders last weekend: the ash pan is not sealing well enough even when it’s pushed in all the way, so there is a ~1/8" gap running from front to back on the left side of the firebox. After I mostly closed down the left air intake, it started burning much more evenly and longer.

smoke on man

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