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Good day for a Mexican lager

I’m not talking corona more like negro modela or xx dark. I’m thinking taking my ofest as a base maybe darken it and add a little flaked maize. I’ll see if I can get some Mexican lager yeast wl940 I believe. Also mash a bit lower than my ofest. Any other opinions

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I have a recipe loosely based on Negra Modelo that I increase to festbier strength with dark agave nectar. Your approach might achieve similar results, but I’d probably opt for rice though, as it’s more neutral, in my opinion.

I was thinking maize because it would be an ingredient found in Mexico

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I think that’s a wonderfully idea adding flaked maize and maybe little caramel malt like 60 or so you get that kinda soft caramel note that the beer has.

Good point! :slight_smile:

What about hops?

They use galena and super galena hops and only 19 ibu’s for the negro modelo. They use 2 row 6 row caramel malt and black malt. But I like your idea addind the flaked maize to your October recipe.

Did you see the latest from Brulosophy? They did the Mexican lager yeast just the other day… Vienna was the base, and 5 oz chocolate malt… Sneezles61

I was thinking a touch of chocolate malt and c/c60

I have everything but the yeast. I could change the hops just using what I have

It seems somewhere, someone commented on the yeast having a spicy note too… IF that was true, then using too much specialty malt may take that away… Sneezles61

I do like Negra Modelo too! Sneezles61

I’m under 5% so I don’t think it’s a problem

I just ordered some chocolate wheat and Mexican lager from our host… I will brew a cross betwixt negra modelo and a doppel bock… kinda, sort of… I have Saaz hops… Northern brewer for bittering… So if the things I hear about Mexican lager stands true… I would also use that for a Miabock! Sneezles61


I use chocolate wheat in my alt…really enjoy what it adds.

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And a report back from my Mexican lager… Not going to use that yeast again… It went right to a dosequis amber flavor… Not what I was looking for… I’ll use my grain bill, but try different yeasts… Perhaps my current fav 009? :grin: Sneezles61

Just an update. This has been on and off the tap as I’ve had room on the tap line. I have alot of kegs and just change them every once in awhile. This one just gets better and better. Everyone reaches for it so I need to be careful. Lager season is a long way off. I have a dopplebock up soon and of course my Ofest for September. That Bavarian Lager yeast is great

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Can you post a picture? Sneezles61

Notice how white the foam is. I really like the flaked maize, may try it again n a pale beer

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