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Golden Promise Malt

My last few recipes I have been using Simpsons Golden Promise and I have to say the skeptic in me didn’t want to fall in love but did. As I sit here I’m drinking a 50/50 Golden Promise/ Belgian Pils pale ale and I am really loving the subtle sweet well rounded maltiness. I would say it is mostly missing biscuit/ toast part of the equation that I don’t always enjoy.

I do a similar scenario with Marris otter and Pilsner malt… Sneezles61

I don’t think brewers give enough credit to a good base malt. Although lower in flavor it comprises the bulk of the grist so using good base malt is imperative.


I did a taste test in my LHBS of the raw grains and there were two that I had to spit out (some regional malts I won’t name). I use Marris Otter and enjoy it as well but his is my new jam.

I rocked GP as my base malt for quite awhile…good stuff.

GP is my go to base malt for my english or irish ales and bitters.

I typically use at least 50% GP or MO in all of my IPA’s

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when some peeps I know brew there typical brews with 6 row, I can tell right away… I don’t have a super sensitive palate, but the 6 row sharp grain shows up… Sneezles61

I’ve not used straight GP in a American pale but I have used MO. My new thing after reading a BYO article on malt is to mix it up. This last batch I did 50/50 2-row/pilsner.

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