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Golden Eagle Syrup experience?

I’m about to brew a Cream ale kit from NB this upcoming week end and I’m really wanting to add golden eagle syrup. It’s a mix of several syrup and is delicious! From bottle’s list of ingredients Golden eagle syrup is corn syrup, HF corn syrup, cane sugar syrup, cane molasses, and pure honey. It’s also made in my home state of Alabama.
I have done some research and I think it will be similar to lyles golden syrup. So reading up on its effect on Beer it seems it’s most commonly added at flameout or after primary and really just adds to alcohol not much flavor.

I will admit I’m sorta new so if I’m wrong about this it fine with me just tell me what’s up.
What do you recommend?

TL:DR- ever brew with golden eagle syrup? What did it do to the flavor/ alcohol? When do you add it? would it work in a cream ale?


It sounds like the sugars in this syrup would ferment out adding to the ABV, but not much as far as flavor. Try it if you want…It’s your beer. But, FWIW, just adding a pound of table sugar will boost the ABV about 1% for a lot cheaper.

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