Gold malt extract vs. pilsen malt extract

What is the difference between gold malt extract vs. pilsen malt extract that northern brewer sells? I’ve reviewed the product pages for both and don’t know what the difference is. They both say made from pale malt with a small amount of CaraPils and are 1.036 ppg.

If a recipe calls for gold, but I have pilsen, would this be an acceptable sub? What is the difference?

Gold malt extract ... ract-syrup

Pilsen malt extract ... ract-syrup

Thanks in advance.

The Pilsen extract is made with Pilsner malt the gold is made with pale malt. I would use the Pilsen to sub for gold if that’s what I had on had.

Here is a reference chart for Briess products.


Thanks for the replies. Newbie question but what is the diff between pale and pilsen malt? I don’t even see an option for pale malt extract on the NB site.

The guys at my LHBS have given me pilsen malt when I asked if they carry pale malt extract. Are we talking differences in color, flavor, other things? Is there a good reference for this kind of info? The link in the above post doesn’t work.

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Thanks. Thats a great link. Looks like gold malt extract is darker in color and has a more malty flavor.