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Going to help a newer brewer

Good morning. Today I will be going over to help a friend brew, not his first one, but one with another brewer. The only unknown variable will be his water. Bottled water from…. I just can’t say it Wa,… Wa. Nope, won’t. Anyways, I’ll bring some L Acid and C acid, gypsum and pH meter. Just to enjoy this a bit more, a friend gave me some hop cones from a centennial bine, maybe 4 oz’s, I may just dump the whole kitt’n caboodle in! I haven’t a clue on AA. He’s got an APA kit… Me first kit in… many years. Sneezles61

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I just did a fresh hop brew. I put them in a bag and after chilling squeezed the bag and really didn’t use much extra liquid. I had calcites a little larger batch to make up the difference. Since you are doing a kit you won’t want to add extra water so I would do as is. Just my 2cents. Good luck

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If it helps, he’s only got an 8 gallon kettle… I told him not to worry, if we are under his volume, it’ll just be a wee bit stronger! Sneezles61

Put a jug of water in the fridge and top up

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He’ll have a 5 gallon jug and a couple of 1’s, yeah, makes sense. I’ll have him stash 1 anyways…Sneezles61 PS did I say go vikings?

I’m a giants fan

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I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree. You got the game on?

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NY and LA in London today

We will have it on at noon. You gotta be prouder than a peacock as a vikings fan. We are out in front, alone! As long as I’ve been watching, 30 plus years, this is a first! Don’t fall down on us now! Giants? That will be a fun game to watch! Sneezles61

I hate the pats but there are obviously a lot of NE fans around here and I love to remind them MN is 5 & 0 They give me the old Brady wasn’t playing excuse. NY isn’t going anywhere this year so maybe I’ll root for the Vikings

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Yeah we have Pat fans here too. For some reason, one our guys git hurt, send in another, and we hardly miss a beat. We’ve got depth, from drinking great home brew? Had to tie this back to brew! Sneezles61

Brew went better than the game… Kit suggest 1.045, this guy got 1.050, I gave him an atta boy! Sneezles61

Kits seem to always predict a bit low it seems so you guys nailed it.

Not the Bills? Didn’t look great against the Dolphins yesterday though.

I hope they beat NE

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We may have to start a football thread? Sneezles61, Oh yeah, did I say we may have a win next Monday?:stuck_out_tongue:

This is your thread so I guess you can hi jack it.

I need help!:relaxed: Sneezles61

Just looked it up playing the Bears should be a win. Chicago not doing well this year.

Of the last 8 times we were there, we won once…:disappointed: Sneezles61

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