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Gluten free

Yesterday at the BREWERY they did ask me if i can brew a gluten free beer. Dont know if i should create one. Think it does use different kind of grains. Millit. Sorghum. Corn rice

You would make many people with a gluten intolerance happy!

Corona is actually considered gluten free. I didn’t know it but I googled it and apparently it is below the threshold it can be considered gluten free. It has some barley but mostly rice and corn sugar. Look for a clone.

Can get the sorghum grain here on island. But have to knilt them first.

You could look into Clarity Ferm. You would probably need to contact the manufacturer directly to purchase the amount you need.

Personally I wouldn’t brew a gluten free. Your probably not going to sell alot. For a gluten free options brew some nice cider or sparkling Mead or fruit wine.


Me not behind the idea at all. So proberly will hold it of. Beter buy some bottles of this gluten free beer

I’ve never tried any of it… I do see some peeps buying it tho… I like Brew Cats sway… Sneezles61

Ive had two gluten free beers…super meh.

That’s my understanding. It’s probably why many also head towards cider and/or wines.

One was sorghum based…that was the worst one.

A friend drinks Redbridge gluten free (AB-Inbev) and said it’s OK. I think that meant he couldn’t drink anything else he could find locally.

I found this list though, never heard of most but a few sound better than nothing The 14 Best (and Worst) Gluten-Free Beers - Paste

@wilcolandzaat I have to agree for the few gluten intolerant customers I would just have some gluten free commercial beers tucked away.

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