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Gluten free raspberry ale?

I am just getting started in brewing but am wondering if there are any good gluten free recipes. My wife has celiac and can have wheat or barley, she never had looked beer but I had a Red’s raspberry ale this weekend and think she might like it. Has anyone tried that and have a recipe for an extract version?
Would be good to keep other half happy and encouraging the brewing hobby.

Just to be clear Red’s products are NOT gluten free.

You can brew with sorghum for a gluten free option. I also read that clarity ferm also assists in reducing gluten.

Yeah I knew it wasn’t gluten free. Wife just thought it smelled so good I was wondering if I could brew an equivalent.

Sorghum can be used to make gluten free beer, but it will add it’s own distinct flavor to the brew, which is why your raspberry ale idea is great! The raspberries will come through so strongly that the sorghum won’t be noticed. Try this:

6 lbs sorghum malt extract*
0.75 oz Williamette hops, 60 min
0.5 oz Williamette hops, 20 min
1 ts Irish moss, 10 min

US-05 yeast, ferment at 63F for 7-10 days

Place 4 lbs frozen, crushed raspberries in a nylon straining bag in a newly sanitized bucket, then syphon the beer onto the raspberries. After 7-10 days, removed the raspberries. Let the beer sit an additional 3 weeks, then bottle with 4 oz priming sugar.

  • If you want a beer with more alcohol (this recipe will make one that is about 4-4.5%), add more extract or some table sugar.

Timely thread, as I am planning to attempt a gluten-free or gluten-reduced raspberry ale for my wife soon. My plan is to use clarity-ferm. White labs claims that it will reduce gluten below 20 ppm, which is the international standard for labelling products gluten-free. This is intriguing to me, as I would like to be able to use regular barley malt. I cant stand the flavor of commercial sorghum beers that I have tried in the past. The only issue is that I will probably have to send a sample off to be tested before my wife will trust it. Anyone have ay experience using the clarity-ferm product?

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