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Gluten Free Hard Cider

I am looking to make a good hard cider that is gluten free for my celiac friends and still delicious. Anyone have a good recipe kicking around? I just primed my very first batch of homebrew the other day and want to start on a kick ass cider for winter, and want to give it out to my fallen celiac afflicted comrades.

Anyone have some ideas?

There are no glutens in fruit juice. Cider is naturally gluten free. Add spices and/or sugar if you want and use a dry yeast.


A lot of yeast contains gluten!

That’s why I suggested dry yeast in my post above. The feeder solutions in the production of dry yeast are often molasses based where the liquid yeasts use malt.

Would the medium the yeast grew in previously carry through that much? I guess if an allergy is concerned, better safe than sorry. Go with the dry man!

From White Labs Web Site…

Is your yeast gluten free?
Thank you for your inquiry. Our yeast is low in gluten and is below the European standard for being labeled as gluten free; the American standards are still being developed. The European standard for gluten free is below 20 ppm. Our yeast analysis:

Yeast slurry in package: 12 ppm

When our yeast is used with ingredients such as sorghum to make gluten free beer: 2 ppm

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