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Glue to fix broken kegs?

I have some corni kegs that are losing their plastic handles on the top, and one is losing the plastic base at the bottom. Does anyone know what glue works best to reattach the handles?

Gorilla Glue has worked on a keg of mine. Squeeze the keg/rubber together with some ratchet straps to get them tight. Put some paper between the keg/strap so they don’t get glued together.

EDIT: I totally screwed up on the name of the glue. It’s not Gorilla Glue, it’s Goop. +1 on Goop. I’ve used it on my kegs too. Strong grip.

I have tried gorilla glue on one of mine and it did not hold that well. It was not off enough to get in and clean well, however.

I tried the Gorilla Glue. It still a bit loose, and I am afraid it is going to come off. I still have a coupe of kegs to fix so I thought something else might work better.

I’ve always used Goop never had a problem with it coming loose

Gorilla Glue but IIRC, you have to wet the surfaces with water ahead of time to activate it properly.

I used CRL 3M™ Fast Tack Adhesive. Worked great.

I did use water with the Gorilla Glue. I set something heavy on top of the keg, but I am not sure how much pressure I was actually putting on the joining surfaces. That was a few months ago.

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