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Glass question for tasters

Having a discussion about whether it’s better to serve a beer in a clean dry glass or a clean wet glass. I didn’t think it mattered. What say you tasters? I know it tastes the same I’m thinking maybe it matters for head retention.

Nobody? Bet on

I don’t know that this would really affect head stability at all. My biggest concern would be the water diluting the beer and its flavors, but for really flavorful beers, I doubt it would matter. This is why a lot of wine comps/tastings have the taster RINSE the glass, not with water, but with a little of the next wine to be tasted.

Now that’s a waste of wine. I didn’t think it mattered.

I prefer dry glasses. Wet glasses can be slippery, plus they can damage the furniture if you put them down without a coaster.

Never noticed any difference when it came to head retention though.

Seeing as you are suppose to spit out the wine after you taste it, you might consider that any properly done wine tasting requires a waste of wine.

I’ve spit beer out after tasting😄

Me too. But not because of any protocol. I had a kölsch go bad once. Tasted like 200 proof vinegar.

You might get a good answer from a bartender that uses a glass rinser. But I think wetting the glass is for a few reasons. An extra rinse, cooling the glass, and reducing the amount of friction when pouring which lowers the amount of head. The reason a bar would want less head is to increase the amount of pints they get from a keg. I think I saw this on Bar Rescue?

In restaurant settings they often use a chemical sanitizer. Rinsing before serving gets it out. I believe rinsing may even be required by “code” especially if the glassware is displayed in open air. I’ve also heard wetting the glass helps head retention and lacing.

Recalling from the BC years, (Before Craft) I remember the upper tier of dive bars would freeze and frost the glasses. This helped numb your taste buds so you could actually drink Miller High Life.

I’ve always been curious what they use in those glass rinsers. I guess I always assumed it was some sort of sanitizer for a final rinse after they cleaned the glasses. I have read several times about the negative effects soap and soap scum can have on head and that I really shouldn’t put my pint glasses in the dishwasher (I’m lazy, so I still do at home :yum:) The only time I pour a beer into a rinsed glass is when drastically switching between styles. An example would be pouring a bottle of Founder’s Breakfast Stout would prompt me to rinse the glass before I re-filled with an IPA. Of course, if I really wanted to be concerned about proper serving, I realize these should be served in two different style of glasses, but refer to the lazy comment from earlier. :innocent:


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