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Glacier water company

Would love a little feed back on this, how good is it for brewing water?
It is really cheap (30cents a gallon) and seems as good as any bottled water accept you have to dispense your self. I already have 4 6 gallon boxes /w empty jugs from buying water from Sams.
So basically want to find out if the water is good as is? or do I have to use additives of some sort to make it right for brewing.
Like a I said 30cents a gallon is a steal


Does it say if it is Reverse Osmosis filtered on it? If so, then it would need minerals.

Ya it says it uses RO and carbon filtering and UV treatment two different times.
I just purchased Wyeast nutrient Would adding that per the instruction be adding minerals?

If you’re an extract brewer, you don’t need to add any salts (the extract already has them in it). You may want to try adjusting your chloride:sulfate ratio to emphasize malty or hoppy character, though.

+1 to not worrying too much if you are doing extract beers - as stated, the minerals are in the extract already, so it is actually best to use RO or Distilled water. +1 to a bit of Calcium Sulfate (gypsum) if doing hoppy beers with extract and RO water.

I don’t think yeast nutrient is really adding “minerals” - although, nothing wrong with doing it.

I use RO water just like that for brewing. I use it to heavily dilute my tap water which is very high in bicarbonates but as a result of using a high percentage of RO water I end up adding salts back. Bru’n Water is what I use to figure out what to add for various beers. Took a bit of time to figure out how to use it all but now that I’ve got it figured out it is pretty easy to use.

I agree with the others though, if you are doing extract just use the water as is, if you want to get fancy you could add some salts to accentuate malty or hoppy beers.

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