Give me your feedback on I just discovered this website and it looks like some fantastic price on hops. I just brewed my dogfish clone which uses 6oz of hops total and cost me $19.50 at my LHBS. Looks like I could’ve saved a bundle by buying bulk from those guys. I’m sure some of you deal with this company or have in the past so any feedback is appreciated.


hops are one of the few ingredients I buy online in bulk. I love to support my LHBS, because when I need an emergency packet of yeast/vial, they are there, and I don’t want them not to be there because of cheapskates like me saving $0.15 per pound of grain by doing a co-op-style bulk grain buy with 30 other homebrewers.

Hops though, I will buy online, because as you said, if you like to brew hoppy beers, LHBS’s are typically WAY more expensive than online retailers. There are a few others. For 1# purchases, you can usually get them for under $1/ounce. However, for Amarillo/Simcoe, this never seems to work. Even online retailers will charge you upwards of $25-30 for a pound.

Have heard good things about wholesalehops, but have never purchased through them.

Just an aside, I came across a letter sent from an ancestor here to a relative in England in 1836. He talked about getting a $13.00 per hundred weight for his hops vs. the $11.00 he got in 1835. I don’t know if they were wet or dry, but if my more gooder math is valid $.13 a pound. Wow.

Still though, that equals out to $1.87 per ounce for a $30 bag of Amarillo which Northern Brewer sells for $2.99 and is currently out of. If you plan it out next harvest you can stokepile a pound of hops that will likely sell out throughout the year and have them cheaply at your disposal.

I just jumped on the hops buying bandwagon. Got some EKG, Nugget and Centennial. That place looks good enough. Shop around and see who will give you the best shipping for your area.