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Give away of bottles

Continuing the discussion from Bottles to give away:
I still have the three and a half cases of the old style Pilsner Urquell bottles to give away. Most have the labels removed. Will also give away some amber 12 ounce all cleaned and ready to fill.

Let me know if you are driving near Medford, Wisconsin area.

edit: Champagne bottles also. All are the same.

I also have tons of 12oz amber bottles to give away. Most all have labels still on. Anyone in NoVA, SW Md, Eastern WV would be fairly close to me.

If anyone is in or near the Kansas city missouri area and has some pry off bottles to get rid of let me know please. I’m new to home brew and have 26 bottles now. I’m getting ready to bottle my first gallon batch. I’m getting ready to go to 5gal batches and have a feeling I’ll need A LOT more bottles. Lol. Not ready to step into k egging as of yet.

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