Ginger Bread Saison

Just took final gravity and taste tested this new recipe…dang it was good!

Steeping grains: 1/2 # biscuit, 1/2# cara pils; 150 degrees 30mins
6# Pilsen light extract; 60 minute boil
1# Belgian candied sugar; 60 minute boil
1# candied ginger; last 10 minutes
1/2 oz sorachi ace; 60 minute boil
1/2 oz sorachi ace; 30 minute boil
1 oz montueka; last 10 minutes
2.5 gallons original boil
Danstsr Belle Saison (my fav); dry pitch

kept at 75 degrees and just coming up on 2 weeks now. Initial fermentation was vigorous, border line violent but settled to a nice even gurgle for 10 days but suddenly stopped and had been quiet for the day.
OG was 1065, I just checked it and it was 1004. Kinda surprised at that. ABV is 8%.

So a big beer with big pepper, ginger, and spicy taste. Fruity, floral aroma. I am anxious to taste this after bottle conditioning cause it’s delicious now.