Ginga Ninja

Had some Black Hog Ginga Ninja this weekend and we all liked it. I have a half keg of pale ale and was thinking of putting in some ginger, anyone have any input ?

Since it’s already kegged, this is what I’d do. If you have a micro plane grater, grate a couple of tablespoons of ginger and put it in a few ounces of vodka. Wait a week for two, filter it through a few coffee filters, and pour the liquid into the keg. I made a barley wine a few years ago that turned out way too caramel forward. I remedied the issue by soaking some oak chips in moonshine for a few weeks. Took the liquid and poured it into the already kegged barley wine. Turned out fantastic and took third in the wood aged category at a competition a few months ago.

Better yet if you have a juicer, run some ginger root through there and use the juice.