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Getting some free kegging equipment

Long story short I’m getting a 5# aluminum C02 tank (with a couple years left until it needs to be hydro tested) a regulator along with a sanke keg connector that was used for commercial kegs, and some blc from a friend for free. I’m going to hit up my LHBS today and pick up a corny and some other pieces and parts. Are threaded ball locks the way to go vs barbed? If so then I would also need 1/4 swivel barbs and the hex nuts which are sold separate. I’m guessing it might be a matter of preference.

I prefer the swivel nut/threaded connections. It’s easier to remove the disconnects, and you can switch between ball lock, pin lock, and commercial couplers quickly.


Exactly Loopie! So with that in mind, do buy yerself those connections, just in case. I prefer pins to ball lock, but I have friends that are ball lock fans so when they bring a keg over, I switch, fast and easy. Sneezles61

Ok that’s enough of a perk to buy the threaded. I notice they have 1/4" and 5/16" swivel barbs. I haven’t looking into kegging for some time are both the liquid lines and gas lines different sizes? I know I’ve read about this stuff but I can remember off the top of my head.

Gas line is 5/16" and liquid is 3/16". How do plan on serving? Get 10’ of beer tubing to start to balance your system although I just use the 10’ length.

To start just with a picnic tap. I’m wondering if I should just get the pre made gas and liquid lines from NB:
Foam Free Beer Line
Gas Line

Before you buy the gas line you may want to look at the regulator as it may have a barb rather than threads to connect the gas line.

I’ve never had success using only 5’ of line, even at 11-12 psi. YMMV.

I just looked at the picture he sent me. It does have a barb fitting on the regulator after the shut off valve.

I ended up just buying the keg, a set of replacement of rings, and some keg lube for $62 and some change. I got to hand pick my keg which was nice.

Brought it back home. Still pressurized as they stated. Cleaned the outside up. A couple dents but nothing excessive. One thing I didn’t like was that the inlet tube is plastic. I think I can buy a new stainless one. Overall the inside was clean but I’m going to soak it in pbw and clean the lid and parts as well.

Do you have a wrench to take off the posts? It could be worth taking that apart, since you’re replacing the rings anyway.

Yup I do. I ended up buying a cheap deep socket to keep with my homebrew supplies as most of my tools are in my tool box at work. The dip tube o rings are way past there prime I would say.

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This is a Firestone Challenger ‘VI’ keg

I’ll just add, you will have a load of fun kegging as opposed bottling, AND bottling from the keg is quite a bit easier. Sneezles61

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And, pretty soon you’ll have 20 of them like me. Makes it nice to have back ups for when you just don’t feel like cleaning them.

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