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Getting samples from a carboy

I’m new so this may seem pretty basic. My beerthief is not long enough to a get a sample out of my carboy to check SG. Other than using my autosiphon, is there an easier way to just get a small sample for doing the test?

I guess you found out there are different lengths of beer thiefs. All is still good. Use your auto siphon without the center racking cane part. Lower the outer tube into the carboy. It will fill to depth you lower it to. Put your thumb over the top of it and remove your sample. Practice with a jar of water. Be sure to sanitize the tube inside and outside.

Samples are for tasting. Don’t put it back into the fermentor.

I use a long turkey baster, carefully sanitized, to pull samples. It holds enough liquid to get a good sample with only a couple of draws, and if I’m careful it doesn’t dribble all over the place like a beer thief always seems to.

Thanks!! Both great ideas!!

10 straws and some duct tape…

ps just kidding

Use a refractometer instead and you only need a single drop for a gravity test, easily retrieved by dipping a sanitized stainless skewer into the carboy.

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