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Getting ready for brewing weekend

Me looking forward to this weekend. Now getting ready to make a yeast starter. For sunday brew session at home. But first sat a session at the brewery. A. Chocolate stout. And at home sunday. A heffeweisen. Brew buddy of island but my wife gets more into the brew spirit. I let her brew a heffeweisen. Me just observing and help a little

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That’s cool that your wife likes to brew also. I wish mine did!

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First time. For her. Let her do a partial mash. Rest with lme and dme. And just a single hallertau at 60 min. And orange peel with coriander. A simpel 1.055 grav with a fg of 1.012. Hope she likes it


I brew with the wife which is great, but I’m not allowed to do brew stuff without her which is not so great.

That is a tough situation.

Totally worth it to me. How many wives have come home and said, “I just got a bonus at work, I think we should finally get a kegging system.”

She’s also a microbiologist, so she keeps me from cutting corners with sanitization.


It’s funny you say that because I’ve been trying to justify buying a keg system for months. Sounds like she’s a good partner to have!

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