Geting yeast to pitching temperatures

Hello i have a ? about geting yeast to pitching temperatures. Like for example let say i am brewing an ale an i want to ferment at 60f. How do i get the yeast to pitching temperature without cause shock to the yeast. See i like to pitch at or about 3f below my temperature that i want to ferment at an let the yeast bring it up too the temp. So basic what i am asking is how to get the yeast to pitching temp with killing them

I crash my starters for 24 hours and decant before pitching. I usually leave enough wort to get the yeast into solution and put it on a stir plate prior to pitching. If you wanted to check the temperature through the starter vessel, you could probably get pretty close. It’s not going to kill the yeast to crash them out.

if i have yeast in the frig i will pull it out at the start of the brew day and by the time i’m ready to pitch its close enough to the temp i need.

I put the wort and yeast in the refrigerator over night and pitch in the morning.
I almost never pitch the same day I brew.

If using a starter, leave it in the fridge until you’re ready to pitch. If a smack pack, once the package swells, the yeast is good you can put it back in the fridge until you’re ready to pitch. If it’s dry yeast, you won’t shock them. They will acclimate to the wort temp very quickly.

No need to get yeast UP to pitching temp…only down.