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German blonde kit

So I brewed a German blonde kit in one gallon two and a half weeks ago. Three days ago I put it in a secondary with a few grams of hop pellets as I like a little more hops to my beer. The hops are still in suspension like crazy… will they settle? If the beer has already started to clear before I transferred it to the secondary is there going to be enough yeast in suspension to carbonate in bottle conditioning? Any info would be great.

The hops will probably settle in about another four days. You will have enough yeast for bottle conditioning. It is nearly impossible to eliminate all the yeast suspended in a beer even with cold crashing. The remaining yeast will consume the simple sugar used for priming very easily.

You can cold crash after the hops settle to further clear the beer.


Ok great, thanks

OK I’ll bite what are they calling a German blonde?
Just curious about the recipe would you share.

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Just the german blonde kit from NB. I added some late simcoe hops at flame out, at pitch, and again at secondary. About 18 grams extra. Just playing around with the flavors. This beer cleared really fast though, like 10 days compared to others, so i was concerned as a new brewer.

Helles? Sneezles61

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