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General yeast temperature

This is my first post (love Northern Brewer’s videos and products) and after brewing 14 ag batches I have a question on my fermentation schedule. Normally, my fermentation runs 68° (set temp on fermentation) until the yeast stops generating heat(3-4 days), at which time the fermentation temps run cool (less than) the set temp (~63-64°) due to the room being cooler than the fermentation chamber(~2 weeks). Is this beneficial to the yeast/beer or detrimental? I have not had a batch that was ‘bad’ doing this but I have read a lot about letting the temp rise at the end of fermentation being beneficial as a diacetyl rest. Does this apply more to lagers than ales or to all ‘beer’ in general?

i can only speak for ales

ales really benefit from low to mid 60’s. if the sticker on your fermenter says 68F then the beer temp could actually be higher during active fermentation (during the first week). sometimes 5+ degrees higher. I would try to get your beers fermenting at lower than 68 if you can. I’m sure your beers are good either way, but i think you will really like lower temps

as long as the beer stays in the 60’s or low 70’s after fermentation, it will be good. my beers usually drop a few degrees after the first week (in the winter. a few degrees warmer in the summer). but if you can, try to keep the temps as consistent as possible

I listened to a brewstrong podcast about fermentation temperatures and what I got from them was that it was better to remain at a constant temperature than it was to fluctuate. But their example given was that when the temp varied from 66° to 70° it was better to leave the temp at a steady 70° than fight the active fermentation heat with inconsistent results. I’m down with that. They also mentioned the fact that it was better to let the temp rise after primary fermentation to allow the yeast to ‘clean up’ after themselves. I guess this means that I will set my starting fermentation temperature to 63°- 64° and just let it ride! Any thoughts?

My fermentation system is a stand-up freezer with a temp. controller with the probe secured under insulation to the side of a bucket. The room the freezer is in (master bathroom… the wife loves it) is air conditioned and with the freezer off can actually bring the beer to about 63°-64° after primary fermentation is complete.

in my experience: I hold the temps at 62-64 for the really active part of fermentation. then i let it raise naturally up too the low 70’s (usually my house is around 70 degrees, so this happens very gradually)

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