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Gelatin - too late to add?

I have a couple kegs that I have already put beer into and force carbonated. I tapped one last night and it was pretty cloudy. Can I add gelatin at this point or should I have done that when racking? I’ve used it plenty of times before but sort of just forgot on these couple batches. The beers are great tasting so I don’t want to introduce anything that may screw that up. Thanks.

I ran into the exact same situation just recently, and it worked out just fine by adding the gelatin into the carbed keg.

The first pint looked kind of grungy and cloudy but it quickly cleared after that.

I imagine the last pint will also pull some remaining solids into the glass.

Worked out well though!

x2 on the gelatin…I usually only add if I need to or if I rack straight from the primary to a keg and know it’s going to be a little cloudy.

thanks guys, I’ll just go ahead and add it as usual. The keg is already cold and carbonated so I’m sure it’ll be ok.

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