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Gelatin in Keg Question

I just kegged a Fat Tire clone last night and want to add gelatin to clear it. I put it in the fridge to get cold overnight and will add the gelatin later today. I have never done this before…does anyone have any tips/tricks? I found a video on Youtube on how to do it, but I know there are lots of experienced brewers around here that may have some advice. Also, once it’s added, can I just hook up the gas and start carbonating right away?


Geronimo’s method in this thread is how I do it and it works great:


No problems carbing and using gelatin at the same time. I personally prefer to gel in primary as I get much less sediment in the keg. Your first few pints will be murky but will be nice and clear after that. Good luck!! :cheers:

Do you harvest yeast from the primary and reuse it? If so, does the gel cause any issues? I have been in the habit of using gel solution in secondary only (okay, occasionally in the keg too) so that the yeast I harvest from primary doesn’t contain gel.

I have reused yeast after gel and haven’t noticed any difference.

Thanks for the advice and link. I followed the instructions, and everything worked great. Crystal clear beer with less than a pint of foamy/murky stuff.

Thanks again

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