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Geiser in fridge

I took off the keg out line to run some star san through a keg that just kicked after cleaning. Thebrand new keg shot Wit all over the fridge. Da*n. Questions.
1, Will that leak, or is it OK as long as the ball lock is on? It doesn’t appear to be leaking when it is connected.

2, Should I replace that poppet now and risk contaminating 5 gallons of beer or wait until it kicks?

3, I have two different type of ball lock kegs. One keg(Pepsi) I had to go to a place in Chicago just to get a gas in tube that fit. How do I know which poppet they use? I know NB sells a universal, but it says for a tempoary fix only.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Haven’t had one quite that leaky but my solution was just to leave the liquid out line connected until the keg kicked. While possible to screw with the poppet with a full keg it didn’t seem worth the effort and low but possible contamination risk. At least with the 4-5 kegs I’ve used it on the universal poppet replacement has been a permanent fix and it works great. The spring tension seems to be far higher than most poppets and I’ve yet to have one leak (been using them for over a year). I think NB was just being realistic that the universal poppet won’t work for EVERY poppet type thus the warning.

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