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I’m new to homebrewing & so far my first batch tastes great, it’s a nice smooth porter but after drinking you seem to get gassy. What have I done wrong?

yeast in homebrewed beer thats typically filtered out in commercial beer = stomach not being used to it = better ‘out’ than ‘in’

You should be pouring your beer into a glass, and leaving the last bit of sediment behind along with an ounce or so of beer. Back when I used to bottle a lot, I’d pour a clean pour, then swill the dregs. I think I kind of adapted to it.

But, when you get into kegging, you’ll notice that your beer is so much cleaner and clearer without the yeast sediment. Your beer will also benefit from the extended cold storage period, and keep getting clearer and more delicious as you go. Kegging rocks.

Here’s a handy little set of instructions on pouring homebrew. When I give out bottle-conditioned beers, I often include this on the side of the sixer. I’ve also posted a link to the webpage, so you could save it. The text is kind of garbled at this size.

Pouring Instructions Link

I agree. This is caused by the yeast. You’re essentially “pitching” live yeast into your gut, and then they will ferment stuff in your gut, thus generating the gas. If bottling, you need to pour into a clean glass in one continuous pour, then leave the last 3/4 inch of sludge in the bottom of the bottle. It will also be less of a problem the longer you age your beer, as the yeast slowly settles out and dies. If you are drinking your beer very young (within a month or two of brewing), then you will always have live yeast swimming around in your beer. Storing the beer cold for as long as possible will help settle out the yeast.

For me, the gas is a bonus. I try to save it up and blast the guys at work (especially when we’re in the elevator).

Are you insinuating that being “gassy” Is a bad thing? Come on! Are we not men? Are we not men who like to act like boys? Are we not men who like to act like boys that like to see who can fart the loudest and/or raunchiest farts at the bar or table? Are we not men who like to act like boys that like to see who can fart the loudest and or raunchiest farts at the bar or the table and wonder why the hot chicks at the table next to us don’t seem to want to have anything to do with us? :stuck_out_tongue:

If it were not for yeast gasses, what would happen when my little girl pulls my finger?

Not all who enjoy homebrewing are of the male gender.

I get the worst gas when knocking back weissbiers due to all the yeast. Never stopped me though.

Paul, you killed me with that one. Killed! :lol:

Okay, okay. Hey… carbonation and yeast are going to do this to beer drinkers. Homebrew has more yeast in it (as do commercial hefeweizens) and so homebrewers might let some air fly a little more than other people. Nothing wrong with it. My wife drinks my homebrew and occasionally lets it fly… it’s all good. Married for 20 years and known each other for 30. Do what you have to . Close your eyes and shake your head. It’s all good.

Not all who enjoy ripping an eye-watering, wall paper peeling, hate bomb are male either.

Not all who enjoy ripping an eye-watering, wall paper peeling, hate bomb are male either.[/quote]


Wow, this is about the funniest thread I’ve read in a long time. I just downed the yeast slurry from my 2 homebrews I just drank. Gotta keep the ammo reloaded, ya know.

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