Garden Stake Ideas

So I have a garden with about a 15’ trellis for my hops. Last year was first growth and they grew well but had moderate yield. This year I expect much better. I am looking for a way to set up a system to raise and lower the hops from the trellis. Right now I am struggling with what to secure the twine to at the soil level. Last year I just used plastic stakes, but they were too short and pulled out often. I was thinking of some screw pile stakes, similar to ones that people stake out their dogs with. Figuring I need two per plant, that gets a little pricey.

Anybody got great set ups for raising and lowering and securing to the ground?

I have a cable strung from a redwood to a pulley on the roof of my house, then Vs of twine going down to the ground. At harvest time I can pick as far as I can reach then lower the cable down to get the next section. As far as anchoring the twine I just buried a few feet of it in the soil and haven’t had any issues.

Could you screw some eye bolts to the base of your trellis and tie the twine off to that?

you could use the eye bolts at the top too and string it through so that you can pull up and lower as you need.

I am probably going to start a few this year but will do it similar to my grape vines or espaliered fruit trees and try to grow laterally as such. coule not rig up something that high around here and also with the rock soil we have here too.

I grow my hops on 16ft poles made from fence railing. On top of each pole I have installed a shackle and have eye bolts installed on the border of my hop beds. I have also put a rope cleat on each pole allowing me to run coir twine through the shackles and down to the eye bolts.


instead of stakes, you can use cinderblocks

bury half the cinderblock in the ground horizontally. leaving one square opening above the soil, to tie your twine to.

just an idea