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Gap between Keg Kettle and Banjo Burner

I am building a all grain system and was wondering what other are using for a gap between the bottom of a keg that is being used for a kettle or hot liquor tank and a banjo burner. I think it is a banjo style, but here is a link to be certain. ... s/p/64494/

If I had to make a guess, I have mine about 3 inches from my kettles. The next time I have mine out, I take a measurement for you if you like.

What I did was weld the actual burner housing to my brewing rack, so I left the height at what the manufacture was producing and shipping it at.

Here is the burner and stand I purchased:

Here is a photo in my brewing rack.

I welded some metal around it, because I found the burner to be very inefficient, and the metal shields helped to better direct the heat.

westcoast, if you could give me a measurement, that would be awesome. Since i’m using keggles, i suspect there is some variance on the dimension though, due to how the bottom of a keg is built.

I just found this thread:

This is probably why I was initially having some efficiency issues. It is a little ridiculous that they do not mount their burner at the height they recommend.

Hope that helps a bit.

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