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Galaxy Hops

Just tried a British beer called “Old Golden Hen” by Morland Brewing and was pleasantly surprised how refreshing it was. They used Galaxy hops which I believe gave it a fruity after taste but not sure. There was definitely something there that I have not tasted in a beer before. Anyone else try it and your thoughts?

Has anyone used Galaxy hops in their brew and what style of beer did you used it with? Would like to try using some after I brew my Celebration Ale clone.

Brew on!

I’ve been adding galaxy to a lot of my beers lately. It’s great! Good bittering hops and great flavors. Has a fruity, sort of tropical taste in late additions/dry hopping.

Love em just wish they were cheaper. Agree with Sam, fruity and tropical. I think they are not as danky and are more brighter than other popular tropical hops like Citra and Mosaic.

IPA all the way but a small amount would be good in a summer beer too.

I haven’t had old golden hen but I’ve had old speckled hen. You may be tasting the effects of a light struck beer (a bit skunky, like Heineken) if it is clear bottled. Some say it’s a flaw, others like it.

I’ve used galaxies in some wild ales/brett beers and saisons. They are a great hop for single hop beers, especially a summer blonde/APA as well.

Galaxy and Nelson Sauvin combined make for an awesome IPA or pale ale.

Even proportion? Curious since I’ve got both in the freezer, am doing a Pale this weekend and wanted to do a new hop combo.

Gonna try some Nelson but I am not really enticed by the descriptors (white wine/gooseberry, whatever that is) but it appears in many hop blends in IPA’s I like so I take it must blend well. Next IPA will be 50/25/25 centennial (my fave), galaxy (2nd fave), NS.

Nelsons are polarizing. I am at the south pole (that doesn’t like them). However, it may be a cool hop to use to differentiate a saison/summer beer.

Anchor’s beer that uses them is VILE to me!

Will try and find this Humming Ale so I know what to look out for. I am hoping the NS are like using white wine in cooking where it just brightens/freshens things up and doesn’t really stick out. I only got a half pound since they were almost twice expensive as the Galaxy.

Will see how it it turns out, did a Pale yesterday that used Nelson and Mosaic at whirlpool (little bit of bittering via cascade at FWH) and will get a galaxy dry hop.

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